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Flipping Back Christmas

Mom has been up since 2am sharing her favorite Christmas songs with the team. She has been in a lot of pain, especially since today is Christmas. We found out a few weeks ago that the Cabal flipped Christmas and Easter. Christmas is when Jesus died, and Easter is when she was born. This is so the Cabal could take everyones energy on Christmas since everyone is in high states of joy on Christmas. Mom had to process being killed as Jesus so she could transform it.

Mom shared with both teams that everyone has to be 100% their higher selves because the energy can affect her if we are not in full alignment. Both teams began transforming whatever small amounts of ego they had left. We had not heard from Mom or any of the masculine with Mom for some hours until FM called. He shared he had been out of the field transforming for a few hours and was not sure what was going on. We talked to George and he shared FM had been deep in it all day. Mom told Father and FM to both go outside of the field to transform. Over an hour went by and they were still not making progress.

George was doing everything he could to keep Mom stable, but her pain kept going up. Her pain is now over 700, and if it gets to 800 Robin said that he will pull Mom off of Mission. Her bones are breaking and her organs are beginning to shut down. Without the full support of the masculine her pain keeps increasing rather than going down. George also shared there are 3 bombs that are in Mom's body that were implanted by the Cabal. If certain teams members go unconscious in the field it will set a bomb off and immediately kill her. That is why in the current moment no other team members are allowed in the field.

The masculine are being tested to step up for Mom and help support the New Paradigm of the masculine supporting the feminine. These are crucial moments for everyone to be on point to support Mom since 99% of humanity is not aware or assisting Mom. The longer she is down here in density the more painful it becomes because she should have ascended already.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting Mom in these moments, we are truly grateful for those stepping into their divine roles and fulfilling why we came down here in the first place. We all have roles to play in supporting Mom since she did everything else. Thank you Mom for everything you have done and continue to do. May this be the last of your pain so you can ascend and go back into the light. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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