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The Black Snake

This morning Mom shared with everyone what was going on. She informed the team about her extreme pain level and her bones being fractured or broken. It has been an extreme challenge for her especially now that the Cabal are doing everything possible to stop her. Florida is where the Cabal have their headquarters so the energies here are intense. It is crucial the team is on it at all moments because the Cabal are doing everything they can to stop Mom's ascension.

Besides the bombs in Mom's body, there is also a black snake wrapped around Mom's body placed there by the collective masculine. This is from their defiance and refusal to step down from power. The snake is strangling her body and Mom and the team are working on getting the snake to loosen its grip. The 3D paradigm of the masculine being in power is over, the divine feminine are the ones who have the power. For those who do not understand the bombs or black snake, this is not physical. Although it affects Mom's physical body these attacks happen on the Etheric realm. The Cabal do many of their attacks through the Etheric realm because they understand and can see the other dimensions that Mom can.

Humanity stuck in the 3D matrix cannot see the energy or true reality that Mom sees. Humanity sees 5-6% of energy while Mom sees 100%. She works in the Etheric realm and then brings the energy into physical manifestation through her physical body. She is the one who brings the Etheric energy through to the physical planet since she is the planet. There is nobody that is capable of doing these things which is why Mom being here in a physical body was the only way to help humanity ascend.

We are so grateful for all of the support Mom has in these moments, especially the masculine support. The masculine with Mom in these moments are flipping the paradigm back into true reality by fulfilling their true divine roles. We are also so grateful for all of the support from beings outside of the field, as more beings start to wake up and choose love that energy helps Mom greatly in these moments. Thank you Mom for everything you have done and continue to do for all of humanity. It is the biggest honor to serve love in all moments, thank you for showing us the way back home into the light. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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