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More Stasis

Mom has been in stasis all day processing different energies and bringing new energies in. George shared that she did eat a lot this morning which is always a good sign! We were able to see George for some moments when he stopped by to pick up a few things. He shared Mom's pain level was still high, but it was slowly going down. He also shared the black snake that is wrapped around Mom's body has been calmed down so it is not increasing her pain.

In these moments it is challenging for Mom to be down in 3D density. Which is why she is in stasis more often than not. She is doing so much work in the Etheric realm that we cannot see in these moments. The team with Mom is doing everything they can to make sure Mom is stable and happy. We are so grateful for all of the support from those choosing love in these moments. It is so crucial to embody our higher selves so we can assist Mom and the greater good of all.

We all have roles during this ascension process, we just have to tap into our guidance and follow our hearts. When you choose love, you are always going in the right direction. We love you Mom so much, and sending you all the healing energy possible in these moments. We pray for your ascension to happen now, so you can be in joy back home in the light. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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