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She's Eating!

This morning Mom woke up and ate a variety of food for breakfast! She has been eating more and more which is always a positive sign. George shared after she ate she went into stasis for a few hours. She then got up ate more and watched TV fora bit. In these moments of high levels of pain it truly is a miracle Robin is able to convince Mom to eat so much.

In the afternoon we got a call from FM. He was confused by the energies going on in the field. He expressed he was not sure what to do in these moments. After talking to him I talked to George who shared FM has been in defiance and to not listen to what he was saying. After hearing two completely different stories we called the other team to get their insights. They shared that FM knows better and he just has to surrender to the present moment and focus on Mom. He is her main healer so he has to do everything he can to support her in all moments. He worked on transforming his stuff so he could continue assisting Mom.

Mom's pain level is still high, between 758-762. It is a bit lower than it has been, but it still is not lowering quickly. Masculine unity is so crucial because the 3 masculine with Mom are flipping the old paradigm back into love. They must learn to support one another

rather than compete against one another. Mom is doing everything she can in these moments to remain stable and relax in such high levels of pain. We are so grateful for all of the support and we are so honored to be apart of Mom's team in these moments. We love you endlessly Mom! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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