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The Black Snake Revealed

Today when Mom woke up she ate her Birthday meal. The night before FM and George went out and got her a bunch of amazing food. She was able to enjoy some of her favorite things like crab legs and mashed potatoes. The Etheric's are very happy she has been eating more since it helps her body process the energies coming in. Mom was able to be active more on Skype communicating with the team and giving everyone updates.

I asked her in the morning how the pain was and she said it was still high close to 800. The team asked the Council what was going on and we got through that there were still Lucifer energies in the field. Mom also shared FM was causing majority of her pain by being in defiance. He was out of the field for the whole day transforming.

Later on in the night George messaged us asking us to pick up some groceries and food at Chili's for Mom. When we headed over to where Mom was George shared that FM was the black snake in Mom's body, and he has been causing disruption and pain since he came into the field over a year ago. Robin said that George was actually FM. So we picked Teryl up and brought him over to Mom's to keep the trinity of the masculine energy going. We couldn't find fake FM since he was out transforming so we knew when he arrived back in the field the next morning we would have to go pick him up.

The energies continue to increase every moment and everything is always changing. There are a lot of energies that have to be transformed on the planet since majority of the collective is not fulfilling their roles. All of these energies are coming to the surface so that Mom can ascend ASAP.

We are so grateful for all of the awareness that is always being shared from Mom. We are so honored to be here supporting her in all moments. We are so grateful the pain has started to decrease, may Mom ascend immediately with the highest states of joy. We love you Mom! And thank you to everyone supporting Mom in these moments! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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