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Double Body Resets

This morning Mom was in stasis for 5 hours. She was going into back to back body resets to help get the poison out of her body from the snake. The snake reached up to her neck and Mom was scratching at it. George got through from the Council that the snake was 95% awakened. If it got to 100% it would start moving around in Mom's body and cause her more pain.

Mom was able to eat a bit before stasis which is always a victory. Food helps Mom process the energies quicker which will help push the toxins out of her body. When Mom got up from stasis the Galactics told her that her stomach was crying, a phrase they had never heard them use before.

When George shared the updates for the live stream Mom had 84% poison in her body, 89% trauma, and her feet were 98% in pain. The numbers were slowly going down and Mom was feeling better which we are so grateful for. To cheer Mom up more two dolphins swam by her window to say hi then disappeared back into the water.

Later in the evening Aurora and I went to drop some things off at Moms. We had just gotten information that the snake was 99% awakened which was odd since Hilarion was out of the field, the one who was controlling those energies. When we dropped off the stuff at Moms we informed George that there must be another energy at play that is feeding the snake because if it getting worse something else is going on. George picked up more Lucifer energies in the field which may have been feeding the snake energy. We told him to be aware and make sure Father stays in line so the energies do not cause Mom more pain.

Mom has been drinking a lot of grapefruit juice because it alkalizes the body which stops the poison/ego energies from getting worse. We are grateful Mom was feeling better today and has been eating more and more. It is such a honor to witness what is unfolding in these final moments Mom is down here before she ascends. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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