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The Final Stages of Ascension.

This morning all these beautiful messages were coming out from channelers about the upcoming energies of 2019. There were a lot of confirmations about what Mom was experiencing. She shared with all of us that she is in the Final Stages of preparing for Ascension, and a message came out confirming it. The channeler called it Project Masterpiece, the final stages for this Ascension. The energies Mom are brining in now are catapulting this ascension forward in ways that we cannot truly fathom.

All day Mom has been dealing with the black snake in her body, the toxins, and extreme pain as she processes all of this. Father has been going in an out of Lucifer energies, which increases the pain more. Going into lower energetics is defiance, and Mom has increased the energies in the field so these dense energies are an even bigger blow to her field.

In the evening George messaged us asked to see what was going on with Mom. Her pain hit over 800 which Robin warned everyone about. Father was removed from the field to go transform outside because his energy was making Mom sick. We shared with George that his intentions with removing the snake from Mom were crucial in these moments. So when George made this intention the snakes head began to get severed off. By the end of the night the snakes head was over 70% removed! Mom's pain started to go down and she went into stasis for the night.

Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for the support of this blog I created over the summer when I was with Mom in Oregon. We were in a remote location and it was only Mother, FM and myself. I wanted to create a blog to give specific updates on Mom to let everyone know exactly what was going on directly from the Unified Field. I have watched this website bloom into something grander than I anticipated in just half a year of posting. It is such an honor to connect with all of you and share Mom's journey as we are so blessed to witness it firsthand. 2018 has been a beyond magical year and I am grateful I get to share the experiences of it and Mom's journey with all of you. Thank you for your love and support of this Mission, it means everything to me to see so many beings loving MotherGod. Love Has indeed Won, and 2019 is the beginning of massive changes on this planet!

We are the change we want to see on the planet. We are powerful, we are beautiful, we are all love. This is what Mother has been saying the entire Mission and spreading across the planet. Thank you all for hearing her call back home into the light, we love you unconditionally.

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