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She's Not Done Yet

This morning Mom shared with us that the pain continued to increase as her organs continued to shut down and her physical body began to die. Mom posted a video the day before and it got uploaded yesterday morning. It is a video of Mom explaining what she is going through now and how she is in so much pain. She shared with us that the Angels guided her to do it so everyone could have the firsthand experience of witnessing what Mom was going through. The video is hard to watch, and Mom cries because she is going through so much in these moments. Nobody can fathom what Mom is truly experiencing in these moments.

In the afternoon Buddha and I went to go drop off food for Mom, and we were able to come in for a few minutes and see Mom. It was exciting to see her after not seeing her for over a week. She was laughing and sharing stories with us, which was amazing because she is in such high amounts of pain. We were so grateful to be able to have that experience with Mom for a few moments.

Mom went to sleep early in the night so she was up moving energy around 11:30pm. George called us to bring Hilarion over so him and Buddha went over. They have been there all night supporting Mom in these moments which we are so happy about. When majority of the planet is in defiance and against Mom to have 4 divine masculine supporting Mom is a major victory. We are so blessed for all of the support for Mom, everyone has a role to play in this grand mission. Thank you for all who are participating in these moments. Big things are about to unfold. Love you Mom so much! LOVE HAS WON!

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