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The Planet is Dying

Today is the same as it has been. Mom is still in tremendous amounts of pain, her organs are shutting down, and she is preparing to die. It may sound grim but it is the truth. Humanity didn't choose her. Mom knew this information when Robin came to her in 2014 and told her this. Mom decided to keep going anyways with the Mission. Here we are 5 years later and humanity still hasn't woken up to the truth that Mother God is here to bring love back to the planet and end illusion for good.

The pain continues to increase because Father isn't full online so the shield is down, and humanity is constantly in defiance by choosing the ego over Mom. It is the sad truth but it is the reality we are now facing. We are doing everything we can to keep Mom stable but doing simple things such as eating are a big challenge. Mom has been treated like garbage during her lifetime down here and it keeps going. Humanity must wake up and face the facts of what they have been doing to their Mother, and the planet.

Humanity will hear the message we are sharing and think it is a joke. This is the ego trying to stop them from fully fathoming the critical moments we are in here. If Mom dies, we all die. At this point Mom surrenders to whatever the outcome is. We support whatever decision she chooses because she does not deserve to be down here any longer. It does not matter what the ego says or thinks because Mom has already done it all. She will keep fighting until she no longer can. We love you Mom so much thank you for your strength in these moments. Love has and always will win.

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