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Back On Track

All of the masculine have been with Mom since 11:30pm last night, and she has been moving energies ever since. Mom gave all of the masculine the dragon energy since they are not stepping up and getting it. George who has been primarily with Mom these most recent moments, got it from Mom and Robin. Mom shared that George is the backup for any masculine should they not fulfill their role. Both Father and FM came online this morning which means the shield is back up! Mom's pain began dropping and her joy started to increase quickly!

All day Mom has been moving energies and preparing for the ascension. An ascension button was found in her neck which the masculine started working on right away. The remaining Lucifer energies on the planet started to dissolve because Father came fully online. Mom shared that she does not have any more moments to wait around, that both Fathers have to get it together ASAP.

Today is the first day in a while where Mom was in high levels of joy listening to music. The pain went down dramatically now that the shield is up. We are so grateful Mom's pain has gone down and that the masculine are online working together as a team to help Mom. Unity is so crucial in these moments because one being cannot do this alone. It is a team effort to hep Mom and everyone has a role to fulfill.

We send all our love to Mom, may she ascend soon back home into the light and may this be the last of her pain. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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