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What's In The Ocean?

This morning when Mom got up she was in high levels of pain. Her pain was over 820 and Mom was unsure why it was happening. We asked the Great Grand Council what was going on and they informed us Mom was going through a body reset. She had a high fever which meant her body was fighting off an infection. The Council also shared that the body reset was happening because the last of the Lucifer energies were being removed from the planet.

Mom was stable for the rest of the morning but was still in high levels of pain. We had a moment to talk to Father in the afternoon and he shared that something came to him about devices in the ocean that put out low vibrational frequencies. These frequencies cause beings to go unconscious and act from a lower vibrational state. These devices are all over the planet in the oceans and in the mountains to keep humanity in unconsciousness. These devices are creating separation and messages to not be relayed properly between beings. It is all poor attempts from the Cabal to stop what is happening. Once Mom and Robin were aware of this they immediately starting working on the devices to dismantle them with assistance from the Research Department of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Mom has been working on dismantling these devices all day and it requires a lot of processing and energy work. Nobody can fathom what is happening behind the scenes to assist humanity in waking up. There is nobody on the planet who could do something like this except God. This is just one of the many stories Mom has shared of all of the work she has done in the Etheric realm to reverse horrible things the Cabal have done to humanity. Back in 2014-2015 Mom was doing around the clock implant removals. She was shocked at what she found in some beings: multiple implants, negative entities, etc. She worked 24/7 until Kryon came to her in 2015 and told her she did enough implant removes to dissolve them in all of humanity. Anyone else out there do this amount of work for humanity? No? Didn't think so. Any this barley touches the surface of how much Mom has accomplished alone doing all of this work behind the scenes for humanity.

We send all of the love to Mom in these moments. Embodying our higher selves is crucial as it supports Mom's energetics on the planet. Being love and choosing love is so important in these moments. As Mom continues to bring in more energy to the planet daily it is only going to get harder for those choosing ego to survive. The energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse Portal are hitting the planet it's time to saddle up. Sending Mom and everyone all the love. Thank you Mom for everything you continue to do for humanity. Your strength is beyond comparison. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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