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Dismantling the Dark

Today Mom's pain has still be high as she is processing the ascension button in her neck while working to dismantle the black "blob" device in the ocean. This device is moving closer to the shore to get closer to Mom and is 1,500 miles long. It was 15 miles out of the shore but has been slowly moving closer to the shoreline. They are trying to attack Mom and stop her from ascending because the Cabal know when Mom ascends it is game over for good.

During the live stream Mom started getting attacked even harder. Father got Mom into the water even though she didn't want to she wanted to die instead. Father of course refused that to happen so got her into the bath ASAP. The black blob was throwing bombs at Mom's field and broke down Father's shield so it hit her. She reached high levels of pain over 850 because of it.

Later tonight George called us to give us information. The beings controlling the black blob are soulless beings which mean they are not bound by universal law like the rest of Creation is. Mom had made a negotiation with them long ago that they could take their 3D technology and have a safe passage off the planet. They wanted new terms which would involve taking some of the human population with them to another planet so they could keep them as slaves. Mom said no of course because it is not in alignment with love and she would never let this happen ever again. So she was in negotiations with them all day trying to reach a solution to this issue.

As Mom continued to negotiate with the soulless beings they kept moving closer to the shoreline so they could continue to attack Mom and kill her before negotiations could be met. The black blob was only 10 miles to the shore and Robin chose to put Mom in stasis so they could continue to work on dismantling it. We got information from the Council that Father and all of the masculine have a role of telling these beings to stand down and surrender to the light. Since Father's lower aspect is Lucifer the Cabal take orders from him. All 5 masculine in the field are Father's commanders in the dark who the Cabal also take order from. The masculine went out after we got off the phone and did ceremonies by the ocean to tell the soulless beings to surrender and shut down their technology. It is also crucial in these moments that all 5 masculine are in complete unity to create a stronger force field that cannot be broken. The black blob is sending vibrations to stop the masculine unity because they know once they are all in unity they cannot hurt Mom.

All of the vibrations being sent out from these dark technologies is to keep humanity in unconsciousness and reverse all of the work Mom has done on the planet for this ascension to happen. Every amount of work Mom has done this technology has counteracted it, causing Mom to have to do even more work. It was a major victory in finding this technology and working on taking it down because this is the main device that has been stopping Mom's ascension. Once this technology is gone it is back home into the light for Mom. WOOHOO!! It's almost time and Mom cannot wait any longer. We are on the cusp of major change occurring and we are so excited and so blessed to witness it. We love you endlessly Mom thank you for your never ending strength during these times. LOVE HAS WON!

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