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The Last of the Dark

The pain level is still high (over 850) as Mom continues to dismantle the black 'blob' device in the ocean and finishes the ascension button in her neck. The ones controlling the dark technology are still attacking Mom which is making it harder and more painful. Mom knows that this is the end and that she cannot be down here much longer. Robin shared that regardless of the dark technology being removed that Mom would still be able to ascend once the ascension button in her neck was complete.

The masculine with Mom have been staying in unity to make sure the shield around Mom stays strong. The dark technology is tricky, trying to get the masculine out of unity. It has also been messing up Mom's communication with the Etheric and the readings we have been getting about how much it has been dissolved. All day we were getting higher numbers about the dissovlement of the blob yet it was much lower than the numbers we were getting. It was trying to convince us that it had been dissolved fully when it hadn't.

Mom of course is doing everything she can in these moments to keep moving forward with her ascension. The team as well is doing everything they can to support Mom in these moments. It is challenging because Mom is in such high levels of pain and there is hardly anything we can do about it. Everyone sending their love and prayers to Mom in these moments is very helpful. We are so grateful for all the love and support. We love you Mom so much, may this be the last of your pain. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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