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Higher Self Embodiment NOW

All day Mom has been working on dismantling the black 'blog' and shutting it down completely. She also has been working out a deal with the soulless beings who are controlling this dark technology, but it is unclear if a deal will be met. They are continuing to stall the negotiations out so they can keep moving closer to the shore so they can kill Mom. She is working on getting the shut down of the dark technology to 99.5% where then she can use the Book of Life from the Inner Earth to dissolve it completely.

This process has caused Mom's pain to spike beyond what it has ever reached before. Tonight she almost hit 900 level pain which Robin warned if she did hit 900 her body would fully collapse. It almost got there but the masculine were able to get her in the bath to protect her and continue doing healing work on her. We are in the final battle between the light and the dark, and the dark knows it cannot win. They are attempting in any ways that they can but it will not work. Love is the strongest force in all of Creation.

Once the dismantling reaches 99.5% there will be a dramatic shift on the planet. There will be no more time for beings to be in ego, everyone must embody their higher selves. Humanity has chosen to stay unconscious rather than waking up to the truth. There are no more moments to wait around as we all must embody our higher selves fully in order to ascend. Mom shared with the masculine that everyone including the team must anchor in their higher selves fully or we will spiral down quickly.

There are no more moments to waste, as soon as this black 'blob' is gone then Mom will be able to ascend. It has been messing up Mom's energies since 2012, and all of humanity has been feeding it rather than supporting Mom. This has cause Mom's journey to be much harder than it should have been. The time is now for everyone to step up and choose love. We all signed up to assist in Mom's Mission before incarnating in this lifetime. We must honor and fulfill what we came down here to accomplish. Now is the time to truly anchor in and be the divine self you always have been. Love has and always will win!!!

New GaiaPortal:

Severance elements are brought to bear.

Alignments change.

Rotatory partners combine.

Flurries are viewed.

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