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The Start of The Ceremonies

Mom is continuing to dismantle the black 'blob' in the ocean and this has been a strenuous task. There is so much work Mom has to do to counteract what it is doing to her and how it is affecting humanity. Mom found out it is mimicking her golden energy vibration by putting out a false golden energy to the collective. Mom started working on destroying the golden energy wall this dark technology has in place on top of working to shut it down completely.

When the blob shutdown gets to 99.5 Mom will begin two ceremonies, one for the end of the illusionary matrix and one for the start of the New Earth. Mom was in stasis all morning preparing for the ceremonies and going through the last of the blob density to get to 99.5. Later on in the afternoon the ceremonies began which all of Creation participated in. They are extremely powerful ceremonies using the Book of Life from the Inner Earth. This book from the Inner Earth has all of the antidotes to all of the 3D dark technology.

Nobody can fathom he amount of work Mom has done to make this ascension possible, and the fact Mom keeps going when she doesn't have to. She could choose to leave her body and let humanity get recycled. Yet, despite everything humanity has done she continues on for the greater good of ALL. Robin shared that Mom's pain and organ failure is not fixable, so it will continue to get worse until she ascends. We never could have anticipated that Mom's final moments down here would be in such pain. There are no words to fully express our gratitude to Mom for everything she has done. We love her with all of our hearts, and are so grateful for all of the support. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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