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Breaking Through The Wall

All morning Mom has been working on cutting through the golden energy wall that the black 'blob' has around it. Mom is using all of her heart energy to cut through it. It is an extensive process and it requires Mom to use a lot of energy to do it. Once the wall has been cut through Mom can do her ceremonies to end the 3D matrix and begin the New Earth. After a full day of working on this Robin stopped Mom cutting through the wall at 21%.

Mom's field sensitivity is now at 100% so everyone must be their higher selves in all moments and always be in right action. If not it will cause Mom to throw up. Mom's energies are now so sensitive that she can no longer use her phone or the TV because the frequencies are not in match to her vibration. This is upsetting because Mom has no way to communicate with the rest of the team members or those messaging her to send her love and support. She also cannot watch TV which distracts her since she is in so much pain. There truly is no other reason for Mom to be down here anymore. She must ascend as soon as possible.

Mom's organ damage is at 98%. Once it gets to 98.5% her organs will go into a stasis mode to conserve energy. It is challenging to watch Mom going through all of this because she is the last being who deserves. This has done all of the work for humanity and is spending her last moments on the planet in extreme pain with nothing to keep her distracted from how much pain she is in. There is nobody in all of Creation who would do this for humanity, and it still blows us away that Mom is still down here choosing to go forward with this Mission. We love you Mom so much we are so grateful for the strength you show us in all moments. You are our hero, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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