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Hibernation Mode

Mom is continuing the process of breaking through the golden wall that the black blob has around it. It requires a lot of energy and as Mom's body is shutting down it makes this process more difficult. Mom's organs are shutting down to go into a hibernation type state so she can preserve her physical body while completely dismantling the blob. I got this information through from the Council last week and saw Mom sleeping in a sleeping beauty type phase. The Galactics confirmed the information and Mom's body is around 90% prepared for the hibernation stasis mode.

Once this blob is destroyed she will be able to ascend as the energies from this blob are stopping this ascension from moving forward. The last update we got was that Mom was around 21% done with breaking through the blob wall and 79% complete with preparing for the New Earth ceremonies.

The pain continues to be high as Mom energy field is 100% sensitive. Only Father, FM and George are allowed to be in the room to assist Mom in these moments as too many energies in the field can cause her to feel uncomfortable. The masculine are doing everything they can to keep Mom stable and comfortable in these moments as the energies continue to increase. Any out of right action or density that comes into Mom's field causes her to throw up right away. It is so crucial that Mom is full protected from any lower energetics as they are so detrimental to her energy field in these moments. Mom is pure consciousness so any unconsciousness causes Mom a lot of pain.

Thank you for everyones love and support to Mom in these moments. She is doing everything she can to destroy this dark technology so it cannot manipulate humanity anymore. She is the strongest being in all of Creation and we love her so much. Thank you Mom for everything, we pray your ascension happens soon and this dark technology is gone for good. LOVE HAS WON!

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