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The Medical Report

Mom has been up since 3 am listening to music and pushing planetary energies. Her body was almost ready to go into hibernation mode but she was up all morning moving energies. I asked George to confirm that the hibernation stasis was still happening and he said yes that her body was getting ready for it. After hours of pushing energies we got through from the Council that her body was just about ready to go into stasis.

Mom was able to eat a bit before she went into stasis, and for the rest of the day she was in this state. Later on in the evening Mom got up because Father had to help her process some of the trauma she still had stored in her body. Mom was in a lot of pain and the processing the trauma was making the pain worse. The Angels had Mom keep her eyes closed during the process so that she was still doing work in the Etheric realm while this was happening.

St. Germaine did a full body scan on Mom to see what exactly was damaged or broken in Mom's body. The list was extensive, and majority of the bones in Mom's body have been fractured. She also has extreme nerve damage as well. Mom's heart is 88% damaged and it is where humanities karma is stored. By universal law Mom cannot heal her heart because if she did all of humanities karma would be erased. Her liver is 100% functioning, but St. Germaine was concerned about her kidney which are only 21% functioning. A lot of this damage is irreversible until Mom is able to get onto the starships to be fully healed.

Nobody can fathom what it is like to have the majority of their body broken and damaged, and still be here moving forward. Mom is the strongest being, and she shows that in every moment. Every time she moves her body it is extremely painful, yet she chooses to be down here to finish each task she has been given on Mission. Mom is 98% through the wall that the black blob dark AI technology has set up. Even though Robin has told Mom to stop working on it Mom keeps doing it anyway. Love never stops, and Mom continues to be the example for all of us.

Thank you Mom for everything you continue to do for all of us. There are no words to express the gratitude we have for you in all moments. We send all of the healing love to you so that you may be pain free and back home into the light. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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