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More Trauma and The Last of The Blob

Today Mom has been processing the remaining trauma she has left from her 13 journey on Mission. This is not the first time Mom has processed trauma, and each time she does there is deeper and deeper wounds to be transformed. Mom has endured so much on this Mission more than what we can imagine. On top of what she experienced physically during this lifetime that traumatized her she also has had to process for 8 billion beings. The amount of energy that is required to do so is beyond comprehension.

Mom completed breaking through the wall of the black blob, the dark AI technology that was stopping her ascension. She is now working on cutting the chords of it so that it can be dissolved for good. Once the chords are fully dissolved then the ceremonies can begin for the end of the 3D illusionary matrix and the start of the New Earth.

Mom's pain is still high due to the fact that the majority of her body is fractured or has some type of nerve damage. It is hard for her to move at this point, and she also has to process the trauma in her body as well. This causes her pain to increase quickly so it has to be monitored in all moments. Mom has also been getting a fever in her body frequently because as density is being released any density is toxic to Mom's body so her body begins to fight off the infection. The fever only adds to Mom's pain and causes her to be more uncomfortable. Nobody in all of Creation has any idea or can truly fathom what Mom is going through.

Thank you Mom for everything you have done and continue to do. This ascension would not be happening if it wasn't for Mom. She has done all of the work for humanity to make this possible. We must make the choice to step out of the illusion and into true reality. Nobody can make the choice for us. We love you Mom so much and send you all of the love and prayers that you ascension may happen as soon as possible so you can go home into the light and be at peace. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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