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All Atoms Back Home Into The Light

After Mom completed destroying the black blob all of the karma began to release onto the planet. Mom also started removing the last of any defiance on the planet and commanded all of her atoms into right action. She was also processing the last of her trauma which is extremely deep. This trauma is something Mom has been working on since last summer, it is so deep that Mom has never fully completed transforming it. All of these final pieces to complete before she ascends are causing her extreme pain. She shared with everyone yesterday that her pain will not be going down. She has to deal with over 800 level pain until she ascends.

While Mom was processing the trauma and the last of the defiance on the planet Mom's pain hit over 900. When it did she blacked out at first then when the pain decreased she was able to finish moving forward with it. This energy was intense and despite everything Mom kept going forward. She told all of us that she is doing the best she can and will keep going no matter what. Regardless of how she is constantly treated by humanity she keeps the ascension moving forward even when she doesn't have to.

We pray that Mom's ascension happens soon so that she can be out of pain and be in high states of joy. She has completed so much more than what she contracted herself to do in this lifetime. She is ready to go back home and be reunited will all of Creation. We are so grateful for everyones love and support in these moments! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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