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The Deep Trauma

Today Mom has been working on clearing all of the deep trauma she still has stored in her body from all of her years on Mission. While on Mission if something happened to her she just stored it away and kept moving forward. She didn't have the moments to fully process what had happened to her. Now she must clear it from her body for good so that she can ascend. Robin has always been concerned about the trauma because it is difficult for Mom to look at.

Going back through all of Mom's painful and heartbreaking experiences causes her more pain now. It is hard enough to know how poorly she has been treated while on the planet, and even harder to have to go back and relive it. She has been working on the trauma for a few days now and was able to get it to under 1% left. She has been throwing up all day because it is the easiest way for her body to clear the trauma. There was a moment when she got it to .3% trauma left and she threw up, She got sick from all of the beings on the planet still not choosing love. This caused the trauma to go back up to 7.8%.

Mom has worked on her trauma since this summer but has never fully cleared it. There have also been moments since the summer that have been traumatic for her so she also has to clear those as well. Since Mom has processed her trauma before it is easier to do and goes quicker than when she was doing it the first time. However, it is still painful and difficult for her to do.

There really are no words to fully express what Mom has endured on Mission during this lifetime and what she continues to do despite the collective not supporting her. She will keep fighting on no matter what because that's what God does. She is the strongest being in all of Creation and shows that in every moment. We are so grateful for Mom and everything she continues to do to make this ascension happen. We love you Mom so much! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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