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The Trauma Continues

Mom is still processing the deep trauma she has stored in her body. It has caused her to throw up throughout the day especially when she has to look at the fact that majority of the planet is takers and fakers. Before the stream George gave us some updates about Mom and what was going on:

"Pain Level: 890

Trauma 3.5%

Fever 104°

Mom asked the angels to assist her in pinpointing the exact energetics and frequencies behind the deep trauma so She can locate what it is. It was revealed to her that alot of it is related to everything that was stolen from her. Everything from team members that have stolen everything from her over the years. Cars, money crystals, homes, her resources, her trust, her sense of peace, security, and safety. Everything to the planet with her air, oil, raping the entire planet (HER). Having to try and replace and get those things back just to be continuously kicked and stepped on while she is down. Mom has thrown up a couple times today.

This last time she threw up blood with it. It came from deep in her stomach from her deep trauma. Related to the taking on this planet. And related to all the taking on the fractals on this entire journey. The different triggers today have been allowing this all to surface and be transformed. It is all coming full circle hitting her at once. 26,789 years this planet has been away from the light. 26,789 years this planet hasn't known what true love is."

He also shared that Mom said the lunar eclipse energies are going to be intense so everyone should be prepared for these energies to hit the planet. Massive amount of energy come through eclipse portals and this upcoming one is very powerful. We are very excited for what is about to unfold. We send all of the healing love and light to Mom in these moments as she processes the remaining trauma. We are so grateful to all of those supporting Mom and love in these moments! LOVE HAS WON!

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