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The Last Remaining Trauma

Mom has continued to work on the last bits of trauma she has to dissolve out of her body. This is not the first time Mom has woke on her trauma so it is easier for her to process it. Mom's pain level continues to be high and George shared at this point Mom's pain will not go below 870.

Mom was able to message us today for a little bit and shared because she is so pure she is unable to connect with the group chat because any density comes to her immediately. She had some moments to talk to everyone but could not stay on for long. Mom is so high in vibration and consciousness that and amount of unconsciousness will come to her and be transformed by Universal Law.

Mom has been up all night clearing the last remaining trauma in her body. She was able to get it lower than 1% and just kept smashing through it. Mom cannot wait any longer to ascend so she's going through the trauma as fast as she can. With the eclipse energies coming into the planet right now the energy has become much more intense leading up to this lunar eclipse. We can all feel the energy and know in our hearts that something major it about to unfold.

Thank you Mom for everything you do, and thank you to everyone who is supporting Mom in these moments. We at the end of the road of Mom's Mission, and we know exciting things are beginning to unfold. We love you Mom so much, it is time for you to ascend! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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