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Lunar Eclipse Energies

It has still been just Mother and Father in the room all day as they work on their integration together. Mom has been able to use her phone for brief moments but cannot stay on it for very long. Father has been updating FM and George who are staying outside of Mom's room until the integration is complete.

We got some updates from Father and George about what has been going on with Mom. She has had several visions today about being on the beach running around in joy. She also had some visions about different kinds of food that all had synchronistic meanings.

Mom has not slept for the past 72 hours because she is moving so much energy especially with the lunar eclipse tonight. Since Mom is the only one moving all of the planetary energies it requires a lot of energy to bring all of this in to physical manifestation. The energies of the lunar eclipse are intense and everyone has been sharing how they have been feeling them for days.

Later on in the evening Mom got an energy buildup in her neck that had to be released. This was energy from masculine defiance and resistance to Mom's ascension. Father helped Mom and started working on the energy and while he was Mom fell asleep for a few hours. When she got back up FM was called into the room to help move the energy out of her body. She has been up since 3:15am playing music and being in joy the best she can.

We pray for Mom's ascension and that she may be pain free soon. Mom knows things are shifting quickly on the planet and that she won't be here much longer. Thank you everyone for your participation during these grand moments we truly appreciate everyones support of Mom in these moments! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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