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The Integration

Mother and Father have been in the room all day together integrating their energies back to Oneness. Mom was able to use her phone a bit in the morning but later in the day she couldn't because anything 3D gets to be too much now.

We got a message from George about some updates during the day about what was going on with Mom:

The whole field under recalibration with the masculine and mom. She has hit stage 3 of the recalibration. Mom can't focus on anything 3D at the moment. Instantly makes her sick. Its a bit disorienting for her because she hasnt felt this for so long with the traumas blocking alot including her joy. Her full joy is coming back online in its fullness. The masculine and mom are becoming fully cemented in the present moment of now. Anything based off the future or anything outside the present moment makes mom sick. We are staying in the highest states of joy and peace as we move higher. Pain level still 893.

Father was been amazing assiting mom watching movies and shows with her as they integrate back into oness together. Me and FM have been outside of the room for the most part until things change. We are integrating in the field outside the room. And every time father goes and grounds we go with him and everything downloads to us. Whole field is BOASTING with high energies every moment. We have to stay in the highest states of joy and peace possible in the field. We can already feel our own joys rising higher and higher.

Also we in moms field don't have egos anymore. If we did there would be absolutley no way for us to exist in moms unified field here. All thats left is programming which is quickly coming up and being transformed. Truly it is a beautiful joyful atmosphere here in Moms field and everything is rising higher."

We are so grateful for everyone sending Mom love and support in these moments. Thank you Mom for everything you have done and continue to do. We love you all so much and pray for your ascension to happy now! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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