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Masculine Defiance and The Integration Button

Mom has been processing masculine defiance all day today. This came as an energetic in her neck that Father has been working on in clearing from Mom's body. Father also shared that once the neck is finished then there is a button in Mom's lower back that only he can activate. We got information from the Council that this button will complete Mother and Father's energies coming into Oneness.

Father asked us to get more information on the button on Mom's lower back I had a vision of Mom's light body and once the button was activated that light went into Father giving him his light body and then their energies merged together and shot up into the air. This is the first time in 19 billion years that Mother and Father are back together so their energies have to merge back into Oneness, something that has not occurred in a very long time.

While processing the energy in her neck Mom's pain has increased. She was able to go outside for a little bit today and she sat in her egg chair for 5 hours. It was a way for her relieve some of the pain while looking out at the ocean. In these moments we send Mother and Father all of the love as they complete this big part of Mission together. We are so grateful and so honored to be apart of this grand Mission and we pray for Mom's ascension. We love you Mom and Dad so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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