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Residuals and Unbearable Pain

When we woke up this morning Father shared with us that Mom's residuals were around 56% done for masculine defiance. The night before the Oracles were getting much lower numbers which Robin was confirming. We asked Father what happened and he shared from Mom that it doesn't matter what changed it was a test for everybody in attachment. So Father continued working on the residuals which are in her neck.

Mom was able to give a few updates today to everyone which she shared she was doing the best she can despite the high level of pain. Her pain has not been less than 900 and it is not going down. We got through that the pain is so high because Mom is processing the density on the planet to raise it in vibration because the planet will ascend when Mom physically ascends. Since humanity isn't processing their energies they go to Mom to be processed so that this ascension can happen.

Later in the evening Mom's pain was high and she also had a 105 degree temperature as her body is clearly out the density and toxins from it. Everyone has been sending amazing messages of support in these moments and we are very grateful. We are also so grateful for Father who is doing everything he can in these moments to help. And of course we are so grateful for Mom who is taking on all of the pain and processing for the majority of the planet to keep this ascension moving forward. We love you Mom so much and our biggest wish is for you to ascend so you can be pain free. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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