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Ancient Defiance

This morning Mom put out a heartbreaking voice message to the team to explain what was going on with her. The defiance residuals were stuck at 86% done and her pain level was a at 933, the highest it has ever been. Mom broke down crying when she expressed this because she is doing everything she can in these moments to keep going. She will tell the team she is giving it all she has and she will keep striving forward in love. She shared with the team a powerful message the other day and it is something that has stayed in my heart ever since.

"I'd be honored to walk side by side back home into the light of love everywhere present with each of you"

In the moments when Mom is in extreme pain she is still the most loving being, sharing that all she would like to do is go back home into the light with all of those who have chosen love. She is all of our role models and we love her with all of our hearts.

Father informed us yesterday that the residuals were going slow because the defiance was ancient. This defiance goes back to when Mom was in Lemuria and was betrayed by her husband Horus. Horus is the one who gave over the information to the Atlantans about the 5D technology which caused the explosion which sent humanity back into 3D. It was the first major masculine defiance Mom had ever experienced, and it was deep. Father shared that Mom's womb was hiring because the energy is so deep and this is were humanities collective trauma is stored.

We are so grateful and so honored for all of the support to Mom in these moments. We have connected with so many amazing beings recently who are in full support of Mom and want to do everything to help her Mission. We are grateful for all of you and we are so happy more and more beings are waking up to the truth. This is the just beginning and we are so excited for Mom to go back home and be in joy and be pain free. LOVE HAS WON!

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