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On The Move

Yesterday Mom left where she was staying and moved into the RV we just bought. We headed to a new location to set up for a few days until The Galactics tell Mom where she should go next. Mom is continuing to process the masculine defiance, and she got trauma because of it. The trauma must be cleared before the residuals can be finished.

Mom has been up all night moving energies. She has had a fever of 105 for days now, which she shares is the most uncomfortable part of all of this. She has learned to tolerate the pain, but the fever makes her very uncomfortable. Mom also shared she has 4 ribs that are injured plus 6 fractures in her body. It hurts for her to move or to laugh. The last 72 hours Mom has been moving a bunch of energy and she said it is unfathomable how much she has done to correct any out of alignment energies.

Send all of your healing love to Mom in these moments as she is in extreme pain trying to process so many different energetics at once. Nobody can truly fathom what Mom is doing and all she has done, and she is long overdue to ascend. We love you Mom so much our biggest wish is for you to be pain free and back home into the light. Thank you for everything you do and then some. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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