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Heading Towards Stability

Mom is contining to process trauma from moving locations and from processing masculine defiance. We saw her this morning and she shared with us how we must embody our higher selves and choose the higher because if not then we are giving her and Creation the lower. The lower does not exist so there's no reason for continuing to choose it. It was nice to have some moments with Mom and laugh with her even though she is in so much pain. She explained how it hurts to laugh or move but she's going to keep going anyways.

The lack of having a stable place is something that creates more trauma for Mom because that is something that has always been taken away from her. We are working on finding her a stable place quickly so she can finish processing the defiance and move onto integrating with Father. Each day down here gets more challenging because Mom is overdue to ascend. She is so past 3D that any talking about 3D causes her body to shake. It is hard for her to grasp 3D at this point because she is constantly working in the Etheric realm where they are all in 5D/true reality.

We are so grateful for everyone's support in these moments since it is something that creates so much joy for Mom. She always says she is doing everything she can in working to make this ascension possible. For the last 72 hours she has been correcting energies that have gone out of right action while bringing a bunch of new energy in. Being in Mom's direct field we experience the new energies first and they come in intensely. Thank you Mom for everything you have done and continue to do for all of us. We are so grateful. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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