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Another Day, More Trauma

This morning Mom's trauma went back up after she had been processing it all day. The pain and being in a confined space makes it more challenging for Mom to process the energies. We are working on getting her a bigger space so she can move the energies faster and get rid of this trauma for good so her and Father can move forward with their integration.

It has been heartbreaking to witness and hear what Mom is going through because of so much pain. She also gets a high fever at moments when she is processing the release of energies from her body. This causes her to be very uncomfortable which doesn't help the situation. We are grateful though that Mom has been able to eat more these past few days. It is always a victory when Mom is able to eat even though she is in so much pain.

As Father and FM both come more online the trinity integration will complete. The last we checked it was around 99.8% done. Father and FM finished anchoring in their personal shields which helps stop the energies from coming to Mom to be transformed. We are so grateful for Mom and everything she has done. We pray that her pain ends soon and that she ascends back home into the light. We love you Mom so much! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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