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Trinity Integration

This morning Mom heard from St. Germain that he was integrating fully into the Unified Field. This was exciting for her because it meant he was going to be closer to her now giving her guidance and making sure she was being monitored and taken care of properly. St. Germain has always been with Mom but he has never had the role of being so close to her before. He is monitoring what is happening to her body such as pain levels, fever, and fractures, plus making sure the team stays in alignment at all moments.

The mornings are always the hardest for Mom because it is when she can feel the pain the most. It is hard for her to move at this point and sometimes she forgets that and will move quickly which will cause her pain to increase. She also shared that her feet are completely shot, and every time she walks it feels like sharp pins and needles going into her feet.

Father and FM have finished integrating into the 1st fractal so now Mom, Father and FM are integrating as a trinity. This will begin the evolutionary process since they are the 1st fractal of this ascension. Once they are completely integrated the energy will trickle down to the 2nd and 3rd fractals, then to the collective. Mom can feel the energy and anticipates it will hit the planet quickly. This energy is crucial because it must be completely secured before the ascension process continues.

Mom also has been process the last of the trauma she has accumulated recently. It feels as though the trauma keeps increasing or will come back after it is processed. It energies are so sensitive now that even the smallest events can trigger trauma for Mom because she has endured so much during this Mission. Also, Mom when through a body reset to push out any remaining energies so the processing of the trauma and integration can move forward quicker.

Mom is moving large amounts of energy and has been the past few weeks. She sleeps around 2-3 hours maximum a night because she is pushing the energetics forward to make this planetary ascension happen. Since humanity did not fulfill their soul contracts Mom has to correct the energies plus move them forward. Nobody can truly fathom what it is like to do over 99% of the work to make a full planetary ascension occur. Only God could do it. We are so grateful for Mom and her strength as she carries forward. Thank you all for your kindness and loving support of Mom in all moments, we love you very much! LOVE HAS WON!

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