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Higher Selves Only

As St. Germain has come back in the field he has been correcting all out of right action energies. Last night FM and George left the field to transform the rest of their lower energetics. This morning Mom talked to FM and he was still in defiance and resistance so he had to stay out of the field. Mom suggested the whole team go for a walk for a few hours. When we got back Father explained to us that Kryon put a dragon shield over the RV to secure the energies and St Germain created a sterile sheet over the RV as well because the energies around Mom are so pure.

Due to this St. Germain looked at the energies of the team and saw that nobody besides Mother and Father were fully embodying their higher selves. So the team left to go camping to transform the rest of their lower energetics so they could fully embody their higher selves. Once the team left Mom started to process the trauma faster than before because the lower energetics were slowing down her healing.

We are so grateful and so blessed for all of the awareness and opportunities to continue to grow and become our higher selves so we can support Mom and grander ways. We love Mom and Father so much, we send all of the love to them in these moments as Mom finishes the last of her trauma. We are always so grateful for all of the outside support of Mom in these moments because it brings her so much joy. Thank you Mom for everything, we are so honored to be here in these moments. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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