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The First Fractal

As Mother, Father and FM continue to integrate the energies in the field and on the planet are increasing quickly. Mom share with everyone today how this integration is the start of the planetary ascension. Once they are fully integrated the ascension energies will trickle down to the 2nd and 3rd fractals then to the rest of humanity. Mom explains the evolutionary process as a pyramid and she is at the top of it with Father and FM. That energy trickles down to the other fractals and then the collective. This Mission is a complete experiment meaning she and the rest of Creation had no idea how it was going to unfold. Mom is not sure exactly what will happen once the integration is complete all she said was "I'm not sure ... The Event?"

Mom has continued to battle with a high fever, and it took her three hours this morning before it started to go down. She has said the fever is the worst part of it all, on top of the extreme pain she is experiencing. She knows that she does not have much longer on this planet before the ascension but she knows that in order for it to happen the first fractal must be fully online. The 2-2 portal coming up will spark massive twin flame energies across the planet. Since Mother and Father are the first set of twin flames that energy will trickle down to the collective so that more divine unions can occur. Twin flame energy is powerful because it is the other half of your soul. Your twin flame is your biggest support system, and as a team you become more powerful.

There is still some more trauma Mom has to process and it is deep. We know the last small parts of the trauma are always the deepest. Mom had a lucid dream earlier and she knew that it was the trauma getting processed. She is working through it as fast as she can so her spiritual powers can come fully back online. Moms joy, child-like wonder (magic), and spiritual powers were all taken away from her. She is working on getting it all back so she can move forward with the ascension and go back home into the light.

We send Mom all of the love and prayers in this moment, and we are so grateful for all of your support during these moments! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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