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Pushing Through It

We have had little communication with Mom the past day as she has been processing the last of the deep trauma she has and the field cannot be infiltrated with any lower energetics. The team here has been working on transforming the last bits of what they have so that we can embody our higher selves fully to get back in the field with Mom. Father has been assisting Mom in these moments and she has been pushing through the deep trauma she has. This is 27,000 years of trauma and Mom is giving it all she has so she can look at the trauma to fully process it. The Galactics have been with Mom during this process as well, assisting her the best they can so she can release this trauma and the transfiguration event can begin between her and Father.

We send all of our love to Mom in these moments and are so grateful for all of the support she has from all of you out there. We are so grateful for everything Mom has done and continues to do. This is the last of the trauma for good, and we couldn't be more excited for Mom! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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