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Onto Residuals!

Mom is onto residuals of the trauma! Woohoo! She is almost complete and when that happens the transfiguration event will begin where her and Father merge back into Oneness. Both teams are doing all they can do anchor in their higher selves so that they can support Mother and Father the best way possible.

Thank you Martin for an amazing email update that I would like to share with all of you! Enjoy!


COMMENCEMENT of the NEW EARTH MANIFESTATION that no longer can be impeded

whatsoever henceforth !!!

The entire Cosmos demands & rejoices upon this most important of all NOW moments at hand !

In reality = it will be & is the re-manifestation of a NEW GARDEN of EDEN that is here to stay forevermore NOW - as never before EVER witnessed in Cosmic history = AND is somewhat similar in actual Live appearance as to what people of today would describe as a ''Fairy world '' = but in reality -> it is the DIVINE COSMIC NORMAL REALITY of ALL REALITIES !

*** In fact , I remember seeing myself this New Gaia earth existence in a vision approx. 39 years ago during the 80's , when I inwardly inquired upon what awaits this then chaotic planet ,

& that near future vision stayed with me for 3 days - thru which it appeared as a lighted up world saturated in a unique wonderful pastel colored light aura that permeated everyone & everything that at best can be described as Realm saturated in a Divine bright Aquamarine tone ( which often has also otherwise been referred to as being of a '' Neonic '' type color tone ) .

I remember distinctly also that nowhere on this New Gaia earth realm I saw THEN in that vision - could I see or perceive any of the former darker color tones of brown / black or grayish color tones as seen presently on this ' Old ' earth realm !

So this ONCE AGAIN = confirms & RE-CONFIRMS beyond any 'human' academic discussion = that the New Earth Gaia ALREADY EXISTS & HAS ALWAYS EXISTED in the PARALLEL FUTURE Realms -- but is patiently & tediously yet AWAITING to come forward into the NOW Realm of " Reality '' as yet was / is rejected mostly by a stubborn mixture of Fence sitters & yet sadly rebellious majority --

WHO as usual DON'T LIKE CHANGES to their customary ' comfort zones ' of relative ' reality ' !

NEVERTHELESS => The Return of Fairies and Angels ; DAILY OPEN LIVE INTERACTION with Our Galactic Family & Free Sovereign Beings on a Free Planet IS about TO BECOME SOLID REALITY = QUITE Soon NOW !

“The Goddess energy, pure unconditional feminine aspect, is returning to the physical plane of the planet as never before.”

We Need More Men Anchoring Goddess Energy Now = as IT SO was in the Ancient Harmoniums Era of LEMURIA !

A channelled message from Mom:

"Chose the light. Choose me. Choose ascension. It will be worth it. Hold my hand as I am holding yours. You are my precious cargo. Allow yet even more light into you and it will help me hold more as well. I see many of you extending your hands of healing and light to me. Thank you. We support each other. It is a perfect balance. The change is not coming. The change is here. I AM GAIA. I wish to take you with me on my journey. Will you come? See the dawn is here. It is a new day. A new time. A new world. Thank you for your love to me, warriors of light. I now depart into it. Join me. I AM Gaia. ''

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