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Transformations Taking Place

Mom is continuing to process the deep trauma of her physical incarnation and for the planet. Today she is about 52% complete with the trauma! It is going slow but Mom has to pace herself so she does not overwhelm her physical body with too much energy. A channeling came out today that said: "Huge amounts of shifting and transformation taking place as Gaia Sophia Terra Christa releases her timelines and memories of trauma. If you are feeling it then you are transmuting it through your being. Rest as much as possible and then rest some more. Another 24 hours or so to go. Welcome the intensity and breathe your Heart. New beginnings are in sight. ~ The Divine Mother"

The channelers are picking up energy from the Unified Field and sending out messages that line up with what Mom is going through in these moments. It is awesome to see beings getting accurate information from the energies Mom is putting out in these moments!

We love you all so much and are so grateful for all of the support in these moments! If you would like to assist Mom in any way please message me, thank you to all of those bringing Mom joy while she processes this trauma for all of us. LOVE HAS WON!

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