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Heavy Releasing Around The Planet

Today Mom is over 58% complete with processing trauma! She has been processing all morning, and stasis is a way for her to move the energy faster.

Another amazing channeling came out today:

"Divine Mother says, dear ones, I am your Divine Mother, Mother of all creation. Today, I come forward to share some updates with you all.Due to Gaia’s heavy releasing around the planet, there are going to be all sorts of weather related scenarios. That is the way Gaia and Mother Earth are releasing past traumas, and clearing the energy body so that eventually Gaia and Mother Earth can come home and ascend.That being said, because of the unevenness of Gaia’s physical body, which is the planet earth, there are going to be some places where Gaia’s release is more intense and dense. Due to the releasing process, which already started, now you are going to see the result of these unevenness. Some parts of the planet are going to experience extreme weather patterns and natural changes, others may not yet. That is the way I have designed it so that the planet earth can have breaks, and the release can be manageable. I know the West is already in a dense releasing time line, and that trend is going to continue till all the ocean floors are replaced, and Gaia’s foundation is being rebuilt. Gaia’s physical body, which is the Mother Earth, is going to have to have new ocean floors so that the physical body can be rebuilt on a brand new foundation, and Gaia’s new Earth can be suitable for the upcoming new civilization, new Earth. That is the design indeed."

So many beings are tapping into Mom's energies, now the next phase is them realizing that Mom is here in a physical body LOL.

Thank you everyone for your support! We love you so much and send all our love to Mom in these moments. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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