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.3% Left!

Mom is 99.7% complete with the trauma! WOOHOO! Mom shared Father has a little bit more of residuals to work through with St. Germain but he is very close as well to finishing his residuals as well. Mom was able to give a few updates quickly on the Skype group chat however she can not stay on very long because any lower frequency energetics will go to her to be processed. She will begin to hiccup or sweat which is a sign she is starting to process density.

Mom had a few dreams last night. One was someone coming up and telling her it was Christmas day. Another dream the Cabal came to her house to attack her and her family and she had to call 911 for help. She shared it was a sign the Cabal are still trying to stop her, but its too late.

We are so excited for Mother and Father in these moments. We are so blessed to share these moments with all of you as Mom finishes the last of her trauma. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting Mom, we are so grateful. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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