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Super Moon Energies Coming In

Tday, Mom is over 95% done with the trauma residuals!

I chatted with Mom for a few and she shared that she was in stasis all morning from 6am till noon to avoid getting a 106 fever. The fever usually has been starting around 7am, so St. Germain had Mom go into stasis so she did not have to experience it. Mom shared how she has no clue how her body is still functioning at this point, and how she is taking on the brunt of all this trauma due to the fact she is the planet. Man channelers have been saying how the planet is releasing trauma, and Mom is the one doing all of the work behind the scenes.

Send all of your love and prayers to Mom in these moments, it assists Mom in a bigger way than we realize. We are so grateful for all of the support for Mom in these moments. Thank you for everything Mom, we are eternally grateful. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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