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The Cabal's Last Attempt

Mother has been facing an energetic block within her digestive system, and St. Germain finally shed some light about what was occurring. There is a block in Mom's pancreas which is stopping energy from flowing to the spleen. Father represents the pancreas, and the block to the spleen (Mother) is his remaining residuals. Father has been using reflexology to remove the block from Mom which has caused her foot to swell up.

Mom explained to us that the Cabal's final attempt to stop the planetary ascension was to attack her digestive system. Mom finds it funny how the ego is attempting to stop the ascension, and if Mom dies a physical death then we all die. So the ego is essentially attempting to kill itself. Mom expressed how critical these moments are because her and Father are at the crossroads, and this could go either way. Mom could ascend or she could have a physical death. We are grateful for all of the support in these moments as Mother's life is on the line. Thank you for all of the love and prayers, we know the highest outcome is bound to occur since we are on the highest timeline, however this does not make these moments easier. Humanity must choose love and their higher selves to support Mom in these moments so she can push these energies forward.

We love you so much Mom, we all pray for Father to release his residuals and this last block to be removed for good. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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