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Karma Has Been Released

Father informed us today that Mom was taking a break from social media for the moment so that the energetics can be secure in the field. St.Germain commanded that this was to be done so that the energies could stabilize. Later on in the evening Mom was able to send a brief message letting everyone know she would no longer be giving physical updates because if you are embodying your higher self and the higher 5D timeline then you will receive the information about what is occurring with her. Mom shared that a bunch of events had occurred in the past 12 hours but the only thing she could share was that the karma has been released on the planet. This has been said by the Galactics many times so Mom takes what they say with a grain of salt. She does feel though this is the final time that the karma will be released on the planet.

We send Mom all of the Love and support in these moments. We are so blessed and honored to be supporting Mother and Father. Thank you to everyone who is choosing love and embodying their higher selves. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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