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The 3/3/3 Portal

Today was a major energetic day for Mom. The 3~3 portal is extremely powerful, especially since this is a 3 year as well. Mom shared that the energies of this portal are powerful, and all of humanities deep wounds and programing are coming to the surface. What has been kept in the dark is now coming to the light because it has to be transformed in order for us to upgrade so we can prepare for the ascension. In these energies you will either continue to rise or fall quickly.

Mom had a conversation with FM on the phone and guided him to do an automatic writing session with St. Germain. Mother shared with FM that he was doing a good job outside of the field, and that he would be returning to the field tomorrow to assist Mom with the last remaining trauma she had. FM coming back into the field will help Mom greatly, and assist in the transfiguration event when it is time.

We are so grateful for all of the support in these moments. We are so grateful for everything Mom has done for all of us as well. The least we can do is support her in these moments while she processes for the entire collective. We love you Mom so much, thank you for everything. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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