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Never Ending Roller Coaster

Today I chatted a bit with Mom about how she was feeling. She expressed that she is feeling a bit better but it is a never ending roller coaster ride that she is ready to get off of. She shared she has not been able to eat the past few days even though she is hungry. She was having a good time later in the day laughing at FM and drawing on him which was making her laugh a lot. It is the best to hear Mom laughing in these moments when she is going through so much.

Later at night into the early hours of the morning Mom was awake playing music for everyone. This is one way she moves planetary energies. She is not able to move as much energy anymore through music because it takes a toll on her physical body. It is always a fun time when Mom plays music because we are able to listen as well.

Thank you for all of the support in these moments. We send all our love and support to Mom while she continues to process the trauma. We pray her fever and pain goes down as well. We love you all so much, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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