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A Peaceful Vacation

Today Mom has still been experiencing a high fever that has reached 108 degrees. It will increase in moments then there will be moments when the fever decreases for a little while. The fluctuating of the fever can cause Mom to get uncomfortable plus the high intensity of the fever. She was able to travel around for some moments and enjoy the day with FM at the hotel she is staying at. Father was asked to leave the field for some moments because he was choosing lower energetics rather than his higher self. Once Father left the field she was able to see the energetics that Father was messing up by not choosing his higher self. She told him that if he was not going to be his higher self then he cannot be around her.

The sunshine really assisted Mom today as Mom has not been in the sun for quite some moments. St. Germain was happy that Mom was able to enjoy the sun because her body really needs the nutrients. Mom deserves this much needed break from outside energetics. Thank you to everyone who is sending their love in these moments and supporting Mom. We are so grateful for all of you! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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