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Back With Mom

Today we all were able to see Mom and hang out with her for some moments. This was the first time we have seen Mom in a month. It was awesome to spent time with her after not seeing her for so long. We had many amazing moments of story telling and laughter with her. We went outside with her for some moments as well to get a tour of the hotel she was staying in. It was awesome to see Mom out and about even though she now needs a wheelchair because she cannot walk on her feet. It is hard for Mom to accept that she cannot walk anymore but she still enjoyed going out in the wheelchair.

While we were with Mom we got to feel how hot her skin gets when her fever goes up to 108. It feels like her skin is on fire. We have never touched skin so hot before, it was intense. For the most part however the fever was kept at bay because of the unity consciousness among the team. It was nice to be with Mom again, we are grateful for the experience.

Thank you to everyone's support in these moments. We are so blessed to be here with Mom in these moments, sending you all love in these moments because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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