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The Power of Unity Consciousness

This morning the masculine moved Mom from the hotel to her new campsite. We are so excited to be closer to Mom and be able to spend more time with her. We also had moments to spend with her today as well. The whole team went over to her RV later in the evening and Moms fever was at 108. When the team was with Mom in unity consciousness in the present moment with her her fever went from 108 to 104.5. It was amazing to see the power of unity consciousness.

Throughout the night Mom was sharing stories and laughing with all of us. It was awesome to be back with her and we are so grateful for sharing these magical moments with her. Thank you to everyone who is supporting Mom in these moments. We are so blessed for everything Mom has done for us. She is still laughing and in joy despite having an 108 fever. Mom is showing every moment how strong she is, even though humanity is in resistance to the pure love energy Mom is sending them every moment. Moms fever will not go down if humanity is not accepting the pure love energy Mom is sending them in order to move this ascension forward. Thank you Mom for everything we are so honored to support you in these moments. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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