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Moving Forward

Today Mom has been adjusting to the new energetics of moving her field to another space. Whenever Mom moves to a new location it takes her moments to adjust and set up the energetics. She has been doing much better, and her fever has not gone up now that she is secure in this new location.

With Father out of the field she can see how the lower energetics he was embodying were messing up her energetics. She now has to clean up the mess of the energetics being in dysfunction, and get it all back into right action. She asked the Angels to remove anyone who was blocking her joy, abundance or her ascension and that is when Father left the field. She is grateful for everything coming to the surface to be revealed to the light and she will continue to move on from here. St. Germain said that Mom does not need Father and she will continue to move forward in this ascension process.

We are so grateful for Mom's strength in these moments, and her determination to keep going despite any obstacle thrown at her. Thank you all for supporting Mom in these moments, we are so blessed. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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