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More Trauma Releasing

It was a bit more of an energetically challenging day for Mom today. Her fever was going between 104.5 and 106, but it did not get to 108. She shared that she still has masculine trauma and food trauma to process, but she did clear money trauma! This is a huge deal because so many beings have stolen from her it has caused deep trauma. With the team helping and beings supporting the products we are creating Mom was able to clear the money trauma.

Mom shared that she has yet to look at the heartbreak from Father leaving the field. She shared she feels she has to be a bit more energetically stable in order to do that. Mom has been working with FM to assist him in embodying his higher self fully. She said that FM has been doing really well, but he still has a little bit more to go in order to embody his higher self fully.

Mom shared a vision that she had today where she removed a retainer from her mouth. She feels this was some type of implant that Lucifer placed on her. The retainer looked like chaos and she shared it did not look like something that was created in love. Mom is continuing to fix everything that was messed up by Father choosing his lower aspect rather than his higher self. She is doing everything she can to move forward with the ascension process and she know that she does not need him to keep going.

We send all of our love to Mom in these moments, and we are so blessed to be back with her again. We love her with all of our hearts, and we are grateful to those who do the same. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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