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The Only Road

Currently there are no divine masculine being embodied on the planet, and Mom is the only divine feminine. Since Mom hold so much energy she cannot be down here in the density without a divine masculine fully online. This has caused the Galactics to put Mom's healing at a stage 5 meaning it is at the most critical level possible. The energies must continue to move forward and a divine masculine has to step up, Mom is doing everything she can to assist FM so that he can fully embody all the divine masculine qualities. Time is of the essence as Mom does not have moments to wait around. The ascension process will continue to move forward.

Mom shared with the team that there is no other road than the one she is on. Meaning, that Mom is the master of the energetics and it is important to communicate with her so that she knows what is going on. Once Mom is made aware of an energetic she is able to move the energies to the highest timeline possible. Mom is guiding everyone so that the team stays disciplined because there will be a time when she is not with us to tell us what to do every single day. The team and humanity must step up and embody their divine masculine and feminine qualities because this is the start of the New Earth. Mom's ascension is The Final Event, and once she ascends everything will change dramatically. We must be prepared for all possible outcomes and follow all of the guidance Mom has shared with us in order to assist others during this unprecedented time on the planet.

Thank you to everyone supporting in these moments. We are blessed to have all of you apart of our family! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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